Proctor-Silex 26500Y Waffle Maker Review

If you are looking to make delicious Belgian waffles without having to break the bank then the Proctor-Silex 26500Y waffle maker is for you! Fancy features this model does not have but it does make some tasty waffles. The Proctor Silex 26500Y is available at amazon for only $24.98 while it’s list price is $32.99. That’s a savings of 24% for a total of $8.01 off the retail price. I don’t think you can make waffles for any less than that.

Proctor Silex 26500Y Durable Belgian Waffle Baker

Basic yet satisfying, for the price this waffle maker can’t be beat! In our very objective reviews, one of our points is style which this little guy doesn’t have much of. Fortunately though, it is very compact and easy to store as it’s saving grace.

Proctor-Silex 26500Y Waffle Maker Features

  • Non-stick grilling surface
  • Preheat and Ready indicators
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Compact and easy to store 11.25″ Long by 8.20″ Wide by 4.25″ High


Have we mentioned how affordable this piece is?? It’s also very easy to store and won’t take up a lot of cupboard space. Not only that, cleaning this piece is fairly simple if you use cooking spray ahead of time. It cooks waffles evenly and has an indicator light to tell you when it’s ready for batter.


Basic describes this waffle maker to the T. If you are looking for a nice polished waffle maker unit to decorate your kitchen then I suggest you look elsewhere and the Proctor-Silex 26500Y is the classic function over form.

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Final Thoughts

If I could describe the Proctor-Silex 26500Y in one word it would be basic. It does a great job of evenly cooking Belgian waffles but that’s about it. You won’t get a fancy heart shaped waffle, nor will  you be able to cook 2 waffles at once but for the price you can’t expect anything more. If you don’t mind the cheap looks and plan to store your waffle maker then this just might be the waffle maker for you and you will be happy with how much you saved by buying from Amazon through the link below.

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