The Super Easy Waffle Recipe

If you aren’t sure how to bake waffles or if you are just looking for waffle recipes, then this is perfect place for you! So many women has discovered how to make their men happy in the morning. Can you imagine better feeling than waking up with warm waffles and a cup of tea or coffee?

There are many women who are trying hard to do their best in the kitchen but they just don’t know how to cook well. Some smart women discovered that they don’t need to be great cooks in order to make very tasty food. The only secret is that that food must look amazing. For breakfast, the best choice are waffles because you can decorate them in so many ways. How to make waffles?

The Super Easy Waffle Recipe

Of course, first you must go to the market and buy some groceries. You need to buy some eggs, flour, sugar, milk, butter, baking powder, maybe some baking sugar or fruits. Now you have everything you need. Prepare large bowl . If you have the waffle maker, turn it on.

It must warm up because you are going to need it later. Put 4 eggs and sugar in your bowl and then mix it. Then add a lot of flour mixed with baking powder and milk. Leave this waffles mash in the bowl for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you should mix up butter in waffles mash. Take the waffles mash and cook it in waffle maker for 7 minutes.

Put the waffles on a serving plate and sprinkle it with baking sugar. You can also decorate it with some fruits. If you like sweets you can add syrup.It’s very tasty and easy to make. The most important thing is that you can’t make any mistakes. And kids like it very much!! If you want to surprise your family or friends with great meal and you don’t know how to cook, this is your best choice. By choosing waffles for your perfect breakfast or desert, you are maybe avoiding disaster in your kitchen.

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