Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle and Omelet Maker Review

The Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle and Omelet Maker not only makes delicious Belgian waffles but can also make an omelet at the same time!

To use, turn on the maker and let it heat up. When it is fully heated, the green indicator light will come on and it will beep 6 times. Then, pour in your waffle batter, close the lid, and rotate. Then place your eggs and any other ingredients you would like your omelet to have and close the lid.

There is a blinking indicator light to let you know that it is baking and when the waffle and omelet are done, the machine will beep three times to let you know you’re ready to eat! There is a separate thermostat and browning control knob for both the waffle side and the omelet side of the maker so you can customize exactly how you want your waffle and omelet cooked.

Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle and Omelet Maker Review

In addition to omelets, this product is also great for making pancakes, frittatas, fried eggs, grilled cheese, mini pizzas, and English muffins.

Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle and Omelet Maker Key Features

  • Makes one Belgian waffle and one omelet at the same time
  • Flip-style waffle maker
  • On the omelet side, you can make other foods including frittatas, pancakes, fried eggs, english muffins, grilled cheese, and mini pizzas.
  • Brushed, stainless steel design
  • Non-stick surface
  • Two thermostat and browning control knobs
  • Drip tray catches any batter spills
  • Limited 1-Year warranty

Currently, the Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle and Omelet Maker has 84 customer reviews with a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

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About the Brand

Waring is known for introducing the first blender in America and is one of the leading manufactures of professional-quality appliances for the everyday consumer. Waring has over 75 years of manufacturing experience.Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle and Omelet Maker

Overall Verdict of Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle and Omelet Maker

If you like eating omelets, frittats, fried eggs, or english muffins in the morning in addition to waffles or you have people in your family who each like to have different things for breakfast, then the Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle and Omelet Maker is a great choice.

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It can also make other things besides breakfast foods including mini pizzas, grilled cheese, and even hamburgers. This waffle maker is on the pricier side but because it has many different features, it is to be expected.

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