Hamilton Beach 26050 Belgian Waffle Baker Review

I guess the Hamilton Beach 26050 Belgian Waffle Baker is overall a good product, if you all you want is a basic, low cost waffle iron, but like they always say – you get what you pay for. If you’re planning on making waffles on a regular basis, I would not recommend the Hamilton Beach 26050 Belgian Waffle Baker for frequent use. I purchased this waffle maker for under $40 at the shopping mall near my home.

After less than six months, the non-stick surface began peeling off and the black stuff that’s peeling off is baking directly into my family’s waffles. I MUST use a non-stick spray with this waffle iron and recommend that anyone who buys this particular model use non-stick spray from the very beginning.

Hamilton Beach 26050 Belgian Waffle Baker Review

I realize that this is not a professional grade waffle maker nor it is what some might call high end, but I expected better results. The waffles are not nearly as good as those my family enjoys at Sunday buffets or when vacationing at hotels. The bottom of the pockets are often crisp and the tops a little soggy. However, it does heat up quickly. In addition, it is very difficult to clean. Needless to say, we don’t use it very much at all.

Not long after purchasing our Hamilton Beach 26050 Belgian Waffle Baker, my sister received the identical item as a wedding gift from our aunt who lives in the next state. When my sister opened the package, her reaction was not one of happiness but rather of shock instead. Her brand new waffle iron was chipped on the lid. When Aunt Sally heard the news, she immediately ordered a replacement and when that arrived it too, was chipped in the very same spot and the handle on this one was loose as well.

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Obviously, this Hamilton Beach waffle maker was not designed to travel well. If your intention is to have waffles once every few weeks, you might be happy with the Hamilton Beach 26050 Belgian Waffle Baker, but buyer beware. If you purchase this item, make sure you use non-stick spray from the very beginning and handle it with extreme care. This is a fragile appliance that is difficult to clean and produces only mediocre waffles. from your own site.

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